What to Do If You Are Invited to Fight by Other Cadets?

fightLiving in dormitory together with other cadets is enjoyable. Nevertheless, this condition does not always happen because sometimes, there is difference of opinion that triggers fight and conflict among cadets. When this happens, pilot school parties will punish their cadets as firm as possible. Even, if cadets’ actions cannot be tolerated anymore, they can drop out those cadets. Anyway, if you get involved in conflict with other cadets and they invite you to fight, what should you do? Should you fight with them? Of course, you should not do it because it just harms you. You should do things like mentioned below:

Ignore their invitation

Yup, this is a good way to avoid getting serious problem at last. Don’t listen to all their opinions or insultings. Stay cool and continue learning as usual. What if they force you to fight? Remain ignoring their invitation and staying cool. If you don’t do anything, they will stop disturbing you. Make sure that you apologize to them if you are guilty. If you are in true side, ignore them and continue your routine.

Explain that fighting is not a good thing

This way needs to be done if they want to make peace and listen to you. Explain what is going on so they know what happens. Also explain that fighting is not a good thing because there are many solutions to solve confict. Make sure that you give good explanation by using good words. For example, if conflict happens because of miscommunication, tell them your opinion and their opinion. Let them know what you guess and understand so they know what you think and vice versa. It is also better to give or show real proofs that you are not guilty so they don’t disturb you anymore.

In other hand, if you hide the truth, you will get disadvantages. They will continue disturbing you and make you emotion at last. The worst part is you will fight with them and then get punishment from pilot school parties. If you are guilty, of course you will get serious punishment or even be dropped out from flight school.

Report to pilot school staffs

If you are already patient or if you do your best to avoid getting conflict with them but they continue distrurbing and insulting you, you are highly recommended to report to pilot school staffs as soon as possible. Tell what is going on and then let flight school staffs take necessary actions. If you have to meet with them, don’t let emotion take over your mind. Stay cool and give clear explanation. If you are not guilty, don’t be afraid. What if you get threat? Repot this to pilot school staffs so other cadets can be punished as soon as possible. If staffs ask you to forgive them, do it although you still feel disappointed and disadvantaged. Remember that peace is a good thing.

Hopefully, by ignoring their invitation to fight, explaining them that fighting is not a good thing, and reporting to pilot school staffs, you can avoid getting involved in conflict and get your peace life back. :)

Common Health Issues of Pilot School Prospectives

pilot healthTo be a pilot, you must study and follow the training program in pilot school. You can choose among many options of pilot schools local or abroad. The most important things are to find a good pilot school and then to prepare yourself to enter that school. Keep in mind that, if you commit to be a professional pilot, make sure you have prepared the money to pay all neccessities.

Why can’t some people become a pilot in spite of having much money? Perhaps you found the fact that students with rich parents fail in pilot school admission test. What’s the reason? Well, money is not the only source of success in being a pilot. Everyone needs to know an important factor that really matters. As in the headline today, it is absolutely about health. When people have particular illness, they cannot pass the medical examination. Yes, a pilot prospective must have healthy body with minimum or no sickness. Here we are going to talk about common health issues of pilot school prospectives that make them unable to continue on their dreaming:

Eye problems

Eye or sight problem is the most common health disorder that pilot school parties found in the prospectives. Pilot school candidates who suffer from eye problems will not be processed and accepted. A pilot must have good sight because flying the aircraft or plane is a truly vital task. If the pilot have eye problems, there’s a bad possibility that they cannot see clearly in the altitude. A pilot must be sensitive to the circumstances of the sky when doing his job

Dental problems

Another common issue is related to dental, for example, cavity, tooth decay, bleeding gums, and many more. Some people still get confused of the relationship between teeth and pilot. Well, dental problem also matters to the aviation world. It is not a trivial health problem. As a matter of fact, when experiencing tooth or gum pain, it also affects the part of the nerve. That’s why in every medical examination for pilot school entrance, there’ll always be dentist to check dental issues of every candidate.

Disproportionate height or weight

Actually what is being checked in the beginning is the body whether it is ideal/proportional or not. It is almost the same as the test for being a pilot or shouldier. Candidates must own disproportionate height and weight. Both must be balanced to each other. Candidates with ideal body are less likely to have health problems. Forthermore, it is also for the appearance which means that a pilot should have a good look.

Other harmful diseases

Last but not least, a pilot absolutely mustn’t suffer from harmful diseases, for instance, related to lungs, heart, breathing, and so forth. Indeed it is too dangerous for them to become a pilot, a profession with high risk.

Well, some health problems can be solved by doing treatment or medication before following a test to become pilot school student. For example, if your teeth is uneven, you can use dental braces.

Similarity Pilot with Police

Similarity Pilot with Police

2 among the many professions that demand is quite crowded, especially in Indonesia is a pilot and police. In fact, the two professions are arguably become top of mind not to mention the wider community of small children. Not a little boy who answered wanted to become a pilot or a policeman when asked what their ideals. Not just the ideals of childhood, but they are trying to realize these ideals until they are adults to continue to pilot school or police academy after graduating from high school/equivalent. Talking about the pilot profession and the police, in fact both these prestigious professions have some similarities. 3 of them…

Lucrative salary offer

Many people are interested in being a pilot or a policeman because the offer of a lucrative salary. For the pilot alone, the salary is offered depending on position, flight hours that are owned, and the airline where pilots work. For the second officer, the basic position of the pilot could pocket a monthly salary of around 15 million Rupiah. On it or first officer pocketed monthly salary will range from 30 million Rupiah. Position on it or junior captain could potentially earn approximately 45 million Rupiah per month. The highest position of the pilot is the senior captain who could potentially have a monthly salary of up to 70 million Rupiah. Police salary determined according to rank. Tamtama groups around 1800 to 2800 thousand Rupiah. NCO groups around 1800 to 3800 thousand rupees. First Officer group around 2600 to 4500 thousand Rupiah. Medium officers around 2800 to 4900 thousand Rupiah. High officers around 3100 to 5600 thousand Rupiah.

High risk

Each profession is basically not only equally providing compensation in the form of salaries, but also equally a risk. In the pilot profession and the police, a risk that must be faced fairly high. In terms of family relationships, a pilot would be minimal quality time with the family due to the flight schedule is erratic. From the health side, the pilot also has the potential to cataracts and skin cancer due to sun radiation. In terms of safety, every flight that carried the life of the pilot and his crew and passengers at stake. Safety increasingly threatened when there are problems with the engine off airs example, thick fog, heavy rain accompanied by lightning, the electrical system is interrupted, the fuel runs out, and others that cannot be dealt with either by the pilot. How the risks faced by the police? Police often moved redeployed thus making away from the family, no time off even though Hari Raya increasingly vulnerable given the crime occurred, or could have been shot while performing the operation.

Have health is okay and ideal physical condition

Neither the pilot nor the police are equally required no history of disease or are suffering from serious illnesses such as heart disease, color blindness, cataracts, HIV/AIDS, and others. In fact, everything must be proved from medical tests. No tolerable for the disease because it can interfere with the work even to threaten the safety of the line of duty. However, especially for diseases nearsightedness and cavities can still be tolerated of course, with prior LASIK surgery and dental fillings. Equally important, the pilot or the police should have ideal physical condition. In this case for example of height and ideal weight. For men, the desired average height of about 170 cm, while the ideal woman of approximately 165 cm.

Do You Really Want to Study at a Foreign Pilot School?

Studying at a foreign pilot school is a pride because just some students who can do this. That is why there are many students interested in studying flight school abroad. Yup, quality of teaching and learning there is better so students can own better skill and knowledge. Besides, facilities at each flying school are more modern and adequate. This makes students enjoy learning and training there. Anyway, are you keen on studying at a foreign pilot school? If you are, ask yourself whether you really want this. Realize that there are many things that you should prepare as well as possible. Besides, there is much difference that you should face. Find more information about those things below:

money 8Budget

If you study at local flying school, you might spend from 60.000 to 80.000 dollars. Meanwhile, at pilot school abroad, you might spend more money. Besides, if you don’t stay at dormitory, you should prepare budget for living cost. Of course, in a year, you might spend from 5.000 to 10.000 dollars. This depends on your lifestyle. If you apply glamour lifestyle, you will spend much money. Furthermore, you should prepare extra budget to anticipate unpredictable expenses, like medical bill.

For this, ask your parents, are they able to pay off your tuition fee and living cost? If they answer no, don’t force them to do this. You need to know that you can be dropped out if you cannot pay off tuition fee on time.


Students at foreign pilot schools usually come from various countries. This creates difference and uniqness. Yup, every student brings different habits and cultures that make you will get difficulty in understanding and adapting there well. Neverthless, this is not a serious problem as long as you want to accept and learn the difference. Besides, you should use international language in communicating so they know what do you talk about and you know what they say. The question is can you face difference and communicate well? If you feel unable but you really want to study abroad, learn from now. Take English courses so you can speak English well.

Meanwhile, to understand and adapt with difference, you should familiarize yourself with it. This is difficult, especially if you don’t want to listen and accept difference. In other hand, if you open your eyes and heart, you can build new friendship and create conducive atmosphere at pilot school.

winter aSeason

Where do you come from? If you come from tropic country and choose to study at a pilot school in America or Europe, you should know that there is different season there. Actually, there are 4 seasons that you will pass in a year. This sounds unimportant and unrelevant but you need to know that if you cannot adapt with these seasons, you will get sick. Furthermore, pilot school’s parties usually prohibit flight training programs which are held in winter because it is very dangerous. This means that you should find the right flying school which start ground school in winter so when flight training comes in, you can get quality flight time.