Do You Really Want to Study at a Foreign Pilot School?

Studying at a foreign pilot school is a pride because just some students who can do this. That is why there are many students interested in studying flight school abroad. Yup, quality of teaching and learning there is better so students can own better skill and knowledge. Besides, facilities at each flying school are more modern and adequate. This makes students enjoy learning and training there. Anyway, are you keen on studying at a foreign pilot school? If you are, ask yourself whether you really want this. Realize that there are many things that you should prepare as well as possible. Besides, there is much difference that you should face. Find more information about those things below:

money 8Budget

If you study at local flying school, you might spend from 60.000 to 80.000 dollars. Meanwhile, at pilot school abroad, you might spend more money. Besides, if you don’t stay at dormitory, you should prepare budget for living cost. Of course, in a year, you might spend from 5.000 to 10.000 dollars. This depends on your lifestyle. If you apply glamour lifestyle, you will spend much money. Furthermore, you should prepare extra budget to anticipate unpredictable expenses, like medical bill.

For this, ask your parents, are they able to pay off your tuition fee and living cost? If they answer no, don’t force them to do this. You need to know that you can be dropped out if you cannot pay off tuition fee on time.


Students at foreign pilot schools usually come from various countries. This creates difference and uniqness. Yup, every student brings different habits and cultures that make you will get difficulty in understanding and adapting there well. Neverthless, this is not a serious problem as long as you want to accept and learn the difference. Besides, you should use international language in communicating so they know what do you talk about and you know what they say. The question is can you face difference and communicate well? If you feel unable but you really want to study abroad, learn from now. Take English courses so you can speak English well.

Meanwhile, to understand and adapt with difference, you should familiarize yourself with it. This is difficult, especially if you don’t want to listen and accept difference. In other hand, if you open your eyes and heart, you can build new friendship and create conducive atmosphere at pilot school.

winter aSeason

Where do you come from? If you come from tropic country and choose to study at a pilot school in America or Europe, you should know that there is different season there. Actually, there are 4 seasons that you will pass in a year. This sounds unimportant and unrelevant but you need to know that if you cannot adapt with these seasons, you will get sick. Furthermore, pilot school’s parties usually prohibit flight training programs which are held in winter because it is very dangerous. This means that you should find the right flying school which start ground school in winter so when flight training comes in, you can get quality flight time.